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the line of authenticity


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the line of authenticity

pinstripeprincess | Mar 28, 2006 10:22 AM

this is going to sound like a rant because i'm a little riled up, so i apologize. but where does the line between authenticity and an interpretation lie?

i don't want to debate what's better, authenicity has it's place and so does innovation. but if you serve me something you call duck confit then i expect my crispy duck in duck fat. i don't expect some oven roasted stringy and dry mess with all the fat rendered out of it. if you call it tonkotsu ramen i want my milky white broth with unbelievably deep rich flavour and beautiful noodles. not some thin tasteless mess that's prepared from pork bones boiled a couple hours ago.

you want to be different? then call it a different name. don't falsify what you're selling here. just call that duck oven roasted duck or some other trend-oid name. tell me your ramen comes in a light broth and call it anything but tonkotsu. don't berate me about some quest of mine for authenticity when you name your dish something that it clearly is not. calling your mp3 player an ipod when it's a creativelabs product is not the same.

so how much can you take away from a dish before it stops being what it's supposed to be?


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