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Kajikit | Apr 15, 200807:13 AM

We went to Lindburgers yesterday... it sounded appealing - 'gourmet burgers without the gourmet price'... alas, their food is anything BUT gourmet - or at least mine was. I had a turkey burger which had a really weird cardboardy taste and texture, and was as dry as sawdust. And I had mushrooms with it. I ADORE grilled mushrooms - I could eat them by the ton... sadly, these ones came from a can and hadn't come within spitting distance of a grill. I was astounded, because it's not as if mushrooms were a high-priced item - they're one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy in the market! So why on EARTH do they need to use canned muck? DH's onion rings were greasy and soggy, and his burger wasn't anything to write home about either. The only well-made thing on the plate was the fries - they were delicious! Needless to say, we won't be going back. A freshly-made Checkerburger tastes better, and only costs a dollar, not seven-fifty!

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