are lighter weight stainless cookware possible?


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are lighter weight stainless cookware possible?

esetterlvr | Oct 20, 2010 09:19 AM

My very old Farberware has served me well over the years. I am in the market for new cookware. Stainless steel, as I don't trust non stick. DH doesn't trust 'Made in China'. Can I purchase cookware made in this country or another, just not China, that is lighter in weight, good quality, or is that impossible? I found ScanPans, and Man pans, Regal Ware, All Clad, but the Tri ply is very heavy with IMO- uncomfortable steel handles. Even the newer Farberware Classic was much heavier than the older pieces. Unfortunately I have an electric stove and too many ply-s make for a pan/pot that cooks too quickly even when set to low or warm. Any thoughts? I need bread crumbs to find my way out of this internet jungle. TIA! ~Nancy

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