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How to lighten classic carrot cake???


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How to lighten classic carrot cake???

rainey | Feb 28, 2010 08:19 AM

Maybe what I'm looking for isn't possible but I'd like a version of the classic carrot cake with raisins, nuts and pineapple that has 1) a lighter crumb and 2) is about half as sweet.

My family *loves* the stuff. I make it for them. They're more than happy with the dense, oily texture, the cloying sweetness and the gloppy cream cheese icing. I can't handle it. I have to have vanilla ice cream to cut the sugar and get a forkful or two down. In that forkful, I can recognize the spicy flavor that they like so much. I'd like to find a way to retain that while improving the texture and cut back significantly on the sweetness.

This is the recipe I used and a good one to work with I think: http://www.joyofbaking.com/CarrotCake... I have already substituted butter for the oil and creamed the crap out of it to work in as much air as possible. That helped I think and I prefer it over the consistency of an oil-based batter. I also made sure the carrots were grated super fine -- altho that certainly wouldn't reduce the total weight the batter has to support. I used equal parts (1/2 cup) of raisins, nuts and well drained pineapple. What else do you think? More leavening? More eggs as leavening? Less carrot? Mission Impossible?

How much do you think omitting 1/2 a cup each of the granulated sugar and confectioners' sugar would affect the texture of the batter and icing? Is there something I could replace part of the confectioners' sugar with to add to the amount of icing and keep it from getting runny? Corn starch occurs to me but I wonder if that would be a detectable flavor.

Thanks in advance for all your ideas.

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