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Light fruitcake vs. dark fruitcake? Or none at all?


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Light fruitcake vs. dark fruitcake? Or none at all?

Velochicdunord | Dec 20, 2006 01:33 PM

Question of the day, on the scale of the hamentasch vs. latke debate....

Are you for fruit cake or against fruit cake? Present your case.

Me, I happen to like the stuff, to the historical derision of many friends.

I am the proud owner of multiple fruitcake recipes of 20s-era vintage, lovingly handed down for three generations. (OK, haven't made them for ten years or so. Time, effort, and a personal tendency to consume any leftovers!)

IMNSHO, a good fruit cake should be loaded with nuts, citron and candied lemon rind. Red marschiao cherries, please, no green ones.

I'm not so fond of the dark ones, although I can see their richness being more easily adapted to something elevated and organic. I haven't, however, been motivated enough to experiment.

What are your preferences? Light fruitcake? Dark fruitcake? Or none at all?

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