New life for old KA stand mixer


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New life for old KA stand mixer

rainey | Aug 28, 2011 08:14 PM

When KitchenAid came out with their candy apple red anniversary mixer I *wanted* that glass bowl. For more than a year I debated the merits of getting the damned mixer even tho I've got a 30yo KA that's perfectly fine because I couldn't get the glass bowl out of my head. In fact, people tell me I'm better off with the old mixer I've got because of its durable metal parts. God knows, in 30 years it's never failed me and, so far, I've had to replace the rubber feet on the bottom and the plate that holds the bowl in place -- a grand total of about $30 in repairs or about $1/year!

The other day it was too much for me. I ordered the glass bowl to see if it would fit. For a small part of the price of the mixer, the bowl gave a whole new life to my wonderful old battle horse -- which is a much better color, if you ask me.

My old spatter guard works with the glass bowl. And the bowl comes with a lid which could also be handy. The other wonderful new addition is the plastic paddle with the silicone blades that "wipe" the bowl as it mixes.

Win/win. Color me happy!

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