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In lieu of map, rollovers?


Site Feedback

In lieu of map, rollovers?

The Dairy Queen | Jul 14, 2006 09:30 AM

Just a suggestion for everyone's consideration: I was just trying to remember where to look on the Forum for Reno and was clicking around the Boards page. Couldn't remember whether it was in Southwest or Elsewhere in America or what. Should be obvious, but due to sleep deprivation or my poor geography (for purposes of propping up my own, fragile self esteem, I shall attribute it to the former), I couldn't remember.

It occurred to me that since the map was zapped, those who aren't regulars might have a hard time determining which of the regional boards cover what. Without the visual cue, it can be daunting. Of course, most of the regulars know that once you actually click a link to go to the regional boards, there's a description of what that board covers "Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada (including Reno).”

How about adding a feature that shows that little description when you rollover the Board list with your mouse?

Also, while I have the talking stick, if it were me, I would put a header over the regional Boards that says United States and then move the “National” (elsewhere, kosher, chains) in that nice open space under New England.

In any case, these are small things, the site is working swimmingly otherwise. It’s not crashing, or freezing my computer, or any of those other terrible kinds of things etc. I’m having a lot of fun with it. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,


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