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Do you lie about food?? [Moved from Home Cooking]


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Do you lie about food?? [Moved from Home Cooking]

purple goddess | Apr 25, 2007 11:57 PM

Apropos of Larkspur's thread, I got to thinking. Do you lie about food?

Mr Goddess thought tofu was "soft cheese" for years (cos he didn't "do" tofu, but loved the "soft cheese" I put in soups.)

Same with garbanzo beans. He will eat garbanzo's but hates "chickpeas".

I lie to my step kids all the time about food.. There are no green vegies in my home made dim sum. The red sauce in pastas don't have tomato in them, and no there are no mushrooms/carrots/leeks/name hated vegetable of the week in my thick (read pureed) soups.

Mr Goddess never ate raw fish, but he loved the "savoury japanese marshmellow" in sushi (I have come clean about that one!)

What little "porkie pies" (pun fully intended!) do you tell to get your loved ones to eat your cooking, or to ensure you get your fix of whatever they don't like??

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