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Licor de Canela


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Licor de Canela

DiningDiva | Sep 2, 2007 02:33 PM

A couple months ago the L.A. Times ran an article about various odd and unusual liqueurs that could be found in Mexico, but not often in the U.S. While I didn't find any of the liqueurs mentioned in the article on my last trip SOB, I did purchase a bottle of Licor de Canel, or cinnamon liqueur. The flavor is clearly cinnamon, with a mellow, round, gentle softness to it. It's not an aggressive, assertive, hot and spicy cinnamon flavor, nor does it have an artificial cinnamon flavor. The flavor does seem to be very true to Mexican canela and is actually quite pleasing. It's a great, natural addition to coffee and chocolate drinks and I think it will pair up pretty well with bourbon and whiskey.

I'm looking for suggestions for other drinks - alcoholic or not - that it might work well with.

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