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LF: Roaster/Reseller of Fair Trade & COOP grown coffees in TO/GTA ... Light & Med. Roasts ...

goink | Dec 29, 201306:43 PM

Now that Alternative Grounds has permanently closed the doors of its cafe (though still roasting and reselling through other cafes and resellers), I'm wondering who are the other roasters of Fair Trade and COOP coffee beans in TO who have outlets ...

I'm looking for suppliers/resellers who regularly roast to "Cinnamon" and "New England" standards (let's say lighter and brown colored roasts) and have single source offerings (not blends). What I liked about AG was their non-blended, Light and Medium roasts (not the "American Breakfast" or "Full City" styles of roast) and the regularity of availability.

In Toronto, I have found most roasters offer blends and almost uniformly tend toward darker roasts.

For my palate, I like the acidity and complexity of flavor found in light/light-medium roasts but these are hard to find in Toronto ... I like single source offerings so I can taste the distinctness of the unique location where the coffee was grown.

If you know of some good sources, perhaps nearer to the west side of downtown, your comments would be appreciated!

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