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I need Level 2 Recipes...

Jacquilynne | Apr 2, 201207:53 AM

Recently, I've been discussing my cooking and eating habits with a nutritionist, and we've come to the conclusion that one of the issues with how I cook and eat is that my recipe repertoire consists of either:

"Let me take this frozen dinner out of a box."


"Let me take these two things out of boxes and cook them together."


"Okay, lasagna. Where did I leave the type 00 flour to make the pasta?"

We described it as Level 0, Level 1 and Level 47. And nothing in between. Either I'm just throwing crap together from packaged goods with no real expectation that it will be tasty or nutritious, or I'm doing this: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/720049

I'm trying to find dishes -- not necessarily even complete recipes, but techniques and concepts -- that are relatively fast, use ingredients that I'm likely to own or can easily acquire and that seem like cooking and result in things that are tasty, but which require slightly less than an entire weekend to prepare. Slightly less than an entire hour would be best.

I'm only one person, so things that can be made a couple of portions at a time, or which freeze well would be best. I don't eat a ton of vegetables since I find them annoying to prepare and don't tend to like them anyway, but recipes that include some super-easy inclusion of vegetables within the main dish would be good.

Most of the 'easy weeknight dinner' types of recipes I find are geared towards working moms feeding an entire family, and some of them can be cut down to fit a single person, but not all of them can.

I'm sure I'm not the only hound who mostly cooks for one person, so I'm curious what other hounds are doing just to get themselves fed every night. Apparently 'maintain a well curated set of take-out menus' is not the only possible answer to that question. But when it's half an hour past dinnertime, and all I'm doing is standing in front of my fridge thinking 'I wonder what I should have for dinner?' take-out or frozen dinners end up seeming like the only viable option.

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