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Lemon pits... > why do they remain when lemons are about to be used/consumed?

iL Divo | Mar 30, 201203:47 PM

Was watching Ina Garten today on her show where she was making a few dishes to be photographed. Bagels and cream cheese with smoked salmon on a white plate with accoutrements surrounding all.

My question is why on television do chefs or cooks in general have little concern about letting those seeds remain in the foods they're preparing? Ina had slices of lemons to go alongside of the smoked salmon all nicely sliced but all or most still containing the seeds. I've watched Jamie Oliver squeeze lemons over a food item as to add to the sauce I suppose all the while you can see the seeds going in the sauce and it's too late to retrieve them out, they're buried.
You get drinks from a bar, the lemon slice has seeds in it, my husband gets his margarita at our favorite Mexican restaurant and there are the lemon slices and the seeds.
Do you care about picking out your lemon seeds? Do you think people should have to have to pick them out themselves or do most not care that there are seeds that they could swallow? Let's consider teeth too. You could crack a tooth on a lemon pit, they're tough little buggers.

Is it laziness that they remain? Do food prep people not care? Are they not told to remove the seeds? Is it a 'slice and add to the plate' type thing without any concern for a potential problem?

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