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A (legitimate) excuse to buy a new knife! Help me find one!

sherrib | Jun 28, 2012 04:56 AM

So, I've starting making spaghetti squash recently and have fallen in love with this vegetable. The problem is cutting it raw. I know I can cook it whole, but I like cutting and seeding it before cooking. I've stopped cooking butternut squash (another favorite vegetable) for the same reason. It's just too difficult to cut through. My knives aren't up to the task (my largest knives are an 8" chef's and a 10" chefs). I'm beginning to think I need a cleaver type knife. If a $100 one will do a better job or keep a better edge than a $30, then I'm willing to shell it out. If there's a $30 one out there that will do a great job, then I'm all for it. FYI, although I own some Wusthof's, I reach for my Forschner Victorinox all the time. I like that they're great knives and that they're cheap enough that I won't feel terribly if I do something horrible to them (either while chopping or attempting to hand sharpen on my own.) Tell me what type of knife I need and point me to a good one!

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