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Leg of lamb report


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Leg of lamb report

Wendy Lai | Aug 22, 2004 09:02 PM

I ended up making my rosemary, lemon, garlic paste, marinated the lamb overnight in that and s/p and olive oil. Butterflied the whole thing, stuffed with feta and roased in 375 oven for about 1 hour. When I took it out it was right at 135 degree, a good medium rare. Unfortunatly, we havn't started salad then, so it cooled too much by entree time. So I reheated, which over cooked the lamb and turned it into medium well instead. It was still delicious, a good combo. I made pan sauce with some red wine and butter flour roux. The lesson I learned was timing, don't start the roast too early.

Another lesson was my potato/sweet potoato gratin. I assembled the gratin early afternoon and baked it when a hour before guests arrived. I had it covered with foil, so I didn't see the top layer of potato had turned black! Half way through, I took off the foil and saw the mess. I endedup picking off the nasty black layer and pour on extra cheese which melted and covered the coloring nicely. I had steep my half and half with sage, which gave it nice flavor. Since sweet potato was only half of the gratin, the overall effect wasn't too sweet but just the right contrast. Next time, I know not to assembl too early...

All in all, it worked out well. Will definitly do it again, as Costco lamb is good and economical.

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