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The Leftovers That Didn't Make It

mamachef | Feb 25, 201203:38 PM

Firsthand, I shouldn't have left a fork in it. I was cooling the best 1/2 wokful of leftover red pork/chicken/bacon/egg/veggie/peanut & green onion-garnished fried rice that I've EVER made. I mean, this rice was GOOD. Outstanding, even. A little bit gingery, a little bit garlicky, a nice whisper of soy and fish sauce, and all those wonderful veg. were cooked just right. Yay me!!
So. Lottalotta leftovers. I'm not a huge fan of leftovers, but fried rice doesn't even count. I love the stuff. Breakfast, with a fried egg on top. Lunch, as-is. Dinner, with a vat of wonton soup. Yeah, baby. But I digress. I used a fork to transfer it to another container to cool, and did a really, really stupid thing, like I said. I Left The Fork In It. I shoulda known better.
So anyways, I'm drinking soda this afternoon, and I needed a refill. Into the kitchen go I, with intentions pure. And there it was. I swear it was goading me on, "eat me, Marci! I am delicious and nutritious and you won't regret it! I am suffering here on the counter and feeling unloved because nobody wants me!" What do you do? I'm not going to leave a container of fried rice feeling inadequate.
By the time I was done thinking that rationale, it was half gone. And when I looked up again?
I should have NEVER left a fork in it.
Folks? Are there leftovers that you'll snarf up in a heartbeat?

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