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left over at the restaurants


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left over at the restaurants

yumyumyumyum | Jun 7, 2010 12:25 AM

i saw an interesting news today.
a japanese restaurant in australia started to collect fine when customers leave foods. the rules are when you ate everything (you ordered) you get 30% discount and when you leave foods on plates, you get fined! i do not know how much or i do not know why they do this to customers. humm, i guess they do this because in japan food is considered to be precious (because mother nature produced them) and it is rude to leave even a grain of rice.
but there are other culture which has completely opposite matter such as china. people have to leave some food on the plane in order to appreciate and show that it was ample.
anyway, what do you think? i think it is a bit extreme but environmentally friendly. haha.

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