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Left handed deba

Dave5440 | Jan 31, 201206:38 PM

A few of you might remember that after getting my deba knife that I had great difficulty cutting the right side of a fish, specifically starting at the tail working forward(35yrs of doing it the other way) and I figured why not a left hand deba with a right hand handle. So I got a piece of 01 tool steel and set to work. I have about 3 solid weeks into it and it is 99% done , it just needs some polishing left to go. I started with 01 , milled the rough shape, then hardened and tempered to 60~62 RC. I rough ground it on a 12" 80gt wheel then started the bevel on a 320 DMT plate and once I got the bevel I wanted went to 1k stone. This is where I gave up and started looking for someone to finish it as my 1k norton stone in a word sucks. I moved on to the 4k side it looked ok but was taking forever. So my search turned up dry (I was looking for someone in southern ontario) so it sat for a few months. So with a couple of weeks on my own with my wife out of town I picked it up again, I had my EP stuff out tuning up the other knives and I know you can't use the EP on a single bevel of this size but the stones might work. So I ended up laying the knife flat on the dmt and holding the ep stone in my hand the metal flew off, the only downside once the edge started taking shape was every sharpening session ended with bloodshed. So it ended up weighing 210gm , 10deg primary bevel to 10k then stropped @60k , 22deg microbevel(done on the EP) to 5k then stropped to 60k. The handle came from CKTG. The pics aren't the greatest. BTW the gouge at the heel happened on the 8ogt wheel and to remove it will take too much off the blade. At this point it will shave arm hair with all but the last inch at the heel and push cut paper the entire length.

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