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Leaving Non-Stick Aluminum for Cast Iron and Carbon Steel


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Leaving Non-Stick Aluminum for Cast Iron and Carbon Steel

jljohn | Jan 8, 2012 06:41 AM

I have a non-stick ("NS") anodized aluminum ("AA") griddle (two burner griddle) and frying pans, and for various reasons I would like to stop using NS and AA cookware. (Let's not make this a discussion about why I would want not to use either NS or AA.) And I am thinking about replacing the griddle with the Lodge 10"x20" cast iron griddle and the frying pans with de Buyer MIneral carbon steel pans.

We currently use our griddle exclusively for pancakes and french toast, and the non-stick frying pans get used for all types of eggs and for stir frys. Virtually all other cooking tasks are handled by other pans.

I already use cast iron skillets, so I know their properties pretty well, but I have never used carbon steel pans.

What concerns should I have in considering this swap? Why shouldn't I do it? Finally, for those of you who use carbon steel, does it really develop non-stick properties sufficient to slide an over-easy egg right out of the side of the pan?

Thanks so much for your help!

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