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When you leave a small tip...


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Not About Food 415

When you leave a small tip...

Boychucker | Mar 12, 2007 11:34 AM

Do you wonder if the waitstaff will remember you the next time you come in? My husband and I pretty much always tip 20% and hardly ever have service that we consider bad. We went to breakfast this weekend at a place we'd never been before, it's pretty casual, our bill was $24.00. My husgand had coffee and I only had water to drink and the waitress never refilled my glass despite coming by twice and saying she'd get me more water. My husband finally took our glasses to the area that had the water pitchers and refilled them. I was planning on leaving 15% but my husdand left 10%. The food was really good so I'm sure we'll be back, but I wonder if she'll remember us as the people that left the poor tip. So if you leave a small tip and don't talk to a manager about the service, do you wonder if you'll be remembered the next time you go to that restaurant?

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