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Lead in Slow Cooker Inserts?


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Lead in Slow Cooker Inserts?

gansu girl | Jan 7, 2011 04:46 PM

So . . . I know it often produces less than chow-ish results, but I use my Crock-Pot once/week when school's in - on those nights where we're out 'til dinnertime, it beats takeout.

My knickers are in a twist today b/c a mother at school asked me if I'd heard about lead in the ceramic liners of slow cookers - I hadn't. Googling tonight, I see that's been an issue for a while . . . but I can't find any reliable, recent info.

Anyone here have the 411 on this and on alternatives? I'm willing to spend $$ on an All-Clad if the cast-aluminum is a good alternative . . . .



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