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Le Marsangy -- An Unsatisfactory Experience

onzieme | Feb 13, 201501:18 AM     14

Still jet-lagged and with a few more days until L arrives, I was looking for an inexpensive, relatively simple place for dinner. Le Marsangy on avenue Parmentier in the XIe (Paris) seemed to hold out promise.

The carte is straightforward and not complicated. The wine list is good and relatively short, consisting of seven or eight selections in red an white, each, and a couple of sparkling wines, Two or three wines of each color are available by the glass and carafe of 46 cl as well as full bottle. All of the producers on the list that I am familiar with are “natural wine” producers, and I’m pretty sure the rest are, too.

I started with pâté de campagne. It consisted of two triangular slices plus a forkful of salad greens. The pâté tasted strongly of liver, but what was disturbing is that it was badly over-salted, and I am not one to complain often about food being over-salted. The accompanying bread was good – crisp, fresh, and flavorful.

Next, I had pièce de boeuf with roseval potatoes. Again, there was a single forkful of salad greens on the plate – this establishment is not big on vegetables. The beef was excellent and perfectly cooked saignant, just the way I had ordered it. The potatoes were nothing special, but were properly prepared.

As for dessert, see here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1004866.

I ordered a Beaujolais from Kim V------(I’m blanking on the last name at the moment) to accompany the meal, and it was quite good, but the wine was served in the dinky INAO glasses that badly suppress the aromatics.

In short, the restaurant did not live up to expectations and reviews I have seen elsewhere. A bad night? A change in policy? I don’t know, but I’ve taken one for the team and am not about to take another until I see some new, positive reviews.

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