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Le Marais last night

uncle moishy | May 19, 2005 07:33 PM

Had only been there once and it was a weird experience (we were the last people seated, place was empty, not a great experience). But that was years ago, and with all the recent Board talk, went with family for son's bday dinner last night. Researched what to order from previous posts. Some hits, some misses.

Surprise steak: excellent
Tournedos steak: not tender enough
Bernaise sauce: OK, but with good steak, IMO, no sauce should be needed.
Pleasant surprise: charcuterie platter (app), which included dried sausage, veal/duck spread, pate, salami and beef jerky. Not all of it great, but when I go out I enjoy eating something you don't normally get at home.
Warm choco-cake dessert: v. good (not too trite for me)
Peanust Butter mousse dessert: not as good (and I love PB).

We also liked a lot of the non-food elements:
Great waiter (they should all be so good)
Liked the old-worldish decor
Some not-so-expensive choices on wine list

I guess the appropriate comparison is with the Prime Grill. My take is that LM's food can stand up to PG's if you order the right thing and LM's prices are better (esp. since salad + fries come with your steak), and parking for this Brooklynite wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. But it was every bit as noisy as PG is (maybe louder). I really can't imagine going on a first date to either place (unless it's an off hour). How could you make conversation if you can't hear a thing?

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