Le Creuset enamel - knackered?

john_vaughan | Feb 10, 201904:54 AM     17

Hello there,
please find attached a photograph of my 18cm cast iron Le Creuset pot. The inside has become quite stained (it is frequently dishwashed) but now it looks as if i can see through the enamel in places, on the right. it's around 10yrs old and gets a lot of use, but i thought these bloody things were indestructable? Is it knackered? Or is it just some benign weathering that i can forget about. Or is it due to being heated without fat for 5mins before cooking?! (c.f. my other post: https://www.chowhound.com/post/heatin...)
Thank you so much for any comments.

Le Creuset pan

photo credit: John Vaughan

enamel damage or not..?

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