Le Creuset Color Matching Opinions Wanted


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Le Creuset Color Matching Opinions Wanted

pericolosa | Apr 2, 2011 08:31 PM

Many worse problems to be working on fixing in this world, but I hope that helping me answer this question will provide a bit of entertainment.

I am in the market to add a few Le Creuset pots and pans to my battery and I'd like them to be in shades of green and yellow that harmonize. These will stand out against the background of existing collection of cookware in black, white and brown. I don't mind scouring eBay for discontinued colors and I have access to European vendors as well.

It seems to me the Kiwi/Lemongrass color would match well with Citron yellow; They both seem to be on the cool side of the spectrum but I haven't seen them together in real life.

A warm yellow like Dijon I think might go better with the other earth tones in my kitchen, including an adorable little Chestnut Dutch oven, but I haven't seen a green that goes well with Dijon. Maybe a leaf green? Not Hunter, I don't think.

What do all you LC lovers think? Any of you that own pieces in yellow and in green and can tell me which and how well they play together?

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