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Le Creuset Braiser through mail - lids scratched

Rosemary Tagliatelle | Feb 4, 201210:35 AM

I ordered a 3.5 qt braiser through Williams-Sonoma. When I received it, the packaging seemed lesser than what my dutch oven came packed in around Thanksgiving. There were scratches around the perimeter of the lid, so I returned it for a replacement. The second one came the same way. All of the little plastic things were floating around in the box, and the lid was not protected from the base. I returned it also, and went to a WS store today. I opened 2 boxes before leaving (without it) because I saw the same thing. And, its not just white stuff than can be rubbed off, it is scratched. The one in the store wasn't so bad, but since I am paying 230.00 for something, I'd rather not purchase it scratched.

My dutch oven came (through the mail) with the lid packed separately in its own cardboard, and it is perfect. Since I don't actually "need" the braiser (I've just become in love with le creuset), I'm willing to shop around until I find one that meets my standards.

Just curious if any of you have seen the same problem? Would you have bought it anyway if only a very small scratch?

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