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Le Creuset 3-Ply vs Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron vs ???

Jefffy | Mar 22, 201208:58 PM

I'm trying to put together some gift list selections and would appreciate some advice. I'm trying to get everything on Amazon (uk) so choice is a little restricted. I already have a Lodge Logic ribbed griddle pan. Other than that I just have a couple of very badly worn cheap pans. I'd appreciate any views on what I'm planning/hoping to get.

I'm fairly certain I want to get:
Le Creuset 3-Ply Saute Pan with lid (stainless steel inside)
A cast iron non-ribbed pan of some sort - LC or Lodge I expect.

I'm a bit torn in deciding which saucepans to go with. I had tentatively selected:

Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole, Granite, 28 cm - to be used as a large pot for bolognase, chilli, large quantities of sauces.

I'm now wondering whether to get some smaller LC enamelled saucepans - or whether I should go for the 3-ply stainless steel variety. These will get pretty general use. I cook on electric at the moment, but when I move - I hope to be on gas. I'm known to crank the temperature up a fair bit as well - and I understand that the 3-ply will come less well with the high temps.

The way I see it, the enamelled stuff will be 'hotter' - but I'll get more control with the 3-ply. Also I'm under the impression that if I want to transfer things to the oven (which in truth I doubt I'll do a lot) I'll be better with the enamelled.

Both types are ok for acidic cooking. Seems to me really that the enamelled is the better saucepans? But what else should I be considering? I figure I'd want at least 2 saucepans, potentially of different sizes/types.

I've got pretty much the same question about roasting containers. I like to roast whole chicken / leg of lamb and would like a bigger dish than my current cheapie to do it in. LC do a heavy stainless steel roaster, but also a stoneware version. I also see mention/videos of people using the larger LC saucepans or dutch oven for doing roasts.

In terms of my overall cooking style - I do lots of stir fry/sauteing, make currys, roasts. I don't make a lot of slow cooked dishes like stews. I'm quite into my chinese/thai cooking as well.

Knowing all this, I'd love to have some suggestions of what you think the most useful new oven/stoveware would be - I'm likely to pick 4 or 5 pieces.
Many thanks!

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