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Le Club Chasse et Peche - a review (longish b/c it was unbelievable!)


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Le Club Chasse et Peche - a review (longish b/c it was unbelievable!)

commie hound | Aug 19, 2006 03:29 PM

I should start by saying that what makes this restaurant phenomenal is not just the unbelievable food, it is the impecable service paired with a complete lack of attitude. There were some very beautiful people eating all around us (I swear I recognized some minor celebs)and some folks who clearly had some cash to burn. No one was in suits, but the casual outfits on display were not cheap.

We came in, clearly not among these glitterati, and were treated with incredible respect. Lambert and the rest of the staff made us feel completely welcome and as if their only purpose that night was to serve our table. We gave ourselves over to Lambert, letting him choose our dinner for us. When ordering wine he asked our wine budget and suggested that we let him pair our wine with each individual course instead, and we happily agreed.

We started with champagne (it is our honeymoon!) and he brought out oysters to go with it. They were New Brunswick oysters, mildly salty. Two were plain, two were topped with creme friache and caviar and the final two were baked with cheese and chorizo.

Next came scallops, just barely cooked, seared on top and topped with a lemon creme sauce and resting on a fennel and garlic puree sauce. The effect all together was like eating scallops in merangue. These were paired with a lovely gewuertztraminer.

We shared two main courses. The first was duck, paired with a St. Emilion. (The duck up here is quite gamey - not sure how I feel about it.) It came with a little confit, a tiny bit of mashed potatoes, and a black truffle, which we cut up and mixed in with the confit/potato. Un-frickin-believable. The magic of the dishes is that each ingredient blends perfectly with the others, but is completely memorable in and of itself. I can name every vegetable that came with the duck, I think - a lovely little carrot, a white radish, a golden beet. I actually wanted to lie down on the floor with bliss at this point,(although the glass of wine with every course may have had something to do with that as well).

Next came beef, paired with a granache/cab-sav blend. The sauce was lovely, and included lima beans and pearl onions - two vegetables I care little for, normally, but were done perfectly here. They brought out another slice of their fantastic bread (crisp and flakey crust, whole grain bread...yum) to mop up the juice with. This also came with a little plate of vegetables: A little mound of corn and tomato succotash, a parsnip puree, and a fig (what a fig!) baked with gorgonzola.

A cheese course followed, with another glass of the gewuerztraminer. A spanish, a swiss and a french cheese. I have to say, the first two were a nice sort of palette cleanser more than anything, with only the french cheese standing out.

Dessert for me was a chocolate cakey thing with whipped cream and walnuts. My husband had a shortcake tart with wild blackberries and blueberries. We ordered port to go with it - our only mistake. We should have asked the staff what to have. The port was lovely, it just didn't go with the dessert in the symphonic way all the other wines before had gone with the food.

We paid $300, and will scrimp and save to do it again. It was a perfect combination of theater, fantastic food and highly trained and professional servers all done with a completely chill attitude that I have yet to see anywhere else.

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