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LC burned my beans..grrrrr

dixiegal | Mar 6, 201205:17 AM

Well, I did it. I have my first burned on food in my LC dutch oven.:o( It was white beans. I first soaked my pot in some hot soapy water until the stuck on beans came off and then was left with just a little burned on crud. So I soaked a bit longer then scrubbed with a blue scrub pad. Got that off and then was left with a stain. So I covered the bottom with white vineger and left it for several hours. Then I scrubbed with the blue pad and kosher salt. From there tried baking soda then covered the bottom again with white vinegar and left it all night. The next morning, I cooked turnip greens with vinegar in them, but not much change. So I washed the pot and heated more vinegar, then left it all day, and again scrubbed with a blue scrub pad. Now all of this did help, but did not completely take care of the stain. So I guess I am just going to live with it. What I hate more than the staining is the loss of sheen and the slick feel.

I did read other posts about the different things you all have used to clean your burnt food pots and noticed that some of you thought that what ever you used might have taken the gloss off of the pot.

So to share a little of my experiance. My burned on food was only about 1/3 of the bottom of my pot. And the part that had the burned food is now dull and total loss of the slick feel. However, the other part of the pot is still glossy and smooth. So I am now wondering if it is the burned on food that causes the pot to loose its sheen and slick feel, and not necessarily what you all used to clean the burned food and stains from your pot.

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