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Lavender Overdose (I jest -- sort of). Suggestions?


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Lavender Overdose (I jest -- sort of). Suggestions?

bikejen76 | Jun 30, 2016 02:26 PM

I've recently begun using lavender, or "lavendar," as my nan would've spelt it, very heavily in my cooking. Unfortunately, after about a week of lavender-stuffed everything (especially honey-sweetened whole milk yogurt with the teeniest bit of food-grade lavender essential oil and a dash of food-grade dried lavender flowers mixed in and married to the yogurt overnight), I've begun to experience an alarming gastric burning sensation when I consume lavender *anything*.

This sensation was already familiar to me as the reason I couldn't consume anything containing food-grade aniseed oil.

Any suggestions on how I might best pursue a culinary lavender-rich yet gastrically comfortable lifestyle? (Other than the obvious "take an antacid before you eat lavender" or "see your gastroenterologist"?) Any good "buffer" foods that lavender pairs especially well with? (Sadly, I think yogurt would be one of the best examples of such a food, so that particular strategy might prove futile.) Any other Chowhounds with gastric sensitivity to one or more edible aromatic oils who've managed to incorporate them painlessly into their lifestyles and have advice to share?

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