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lavender infused honey


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lavender infused honey

Junie D | Jun 19, 2006 10:54 AM

A couple years ago I visited McEvoy Ranch on a MALT tour and bought a jar of lavender infused honey. It was incredible on toast, ice cream, drizzled over a salad, with nuts and cheese, and I am now down to the last teaspoon. I've asked at McEvoy's shop at the Ferry Building, at their farmer's market stand (I think an occasional stand in Napa)and have been told "oh, we don't have any now, but will in the spring" or other times it is summer, fall, etc.

So down to my last teaspoon I'm ready to infuse my own and need some help from those who may have done it before. Basic questions:

I assume I should choose a mild honey (such as orange blossom?) so that the lavender flavor comes through?

What proportion of honey to lavender flowers?

Fresh or dried flowers?

Heat? and if so for how long? And/or estimates on how long to steep?

Link: http://malt.org/

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