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Laurel Restaurant San diego, kitchen closed at 9pm on Sat!

stevewag23 | Jan 21, 200807:02 AM

I walked in to Laurel restaurant on Saturday night and sat at the bar, the time, 9:02pm. Bartender asked what I wanted to drink, so I ordered a bottle of wine.

Sipping on my wine, I asked for some menus. It was then that he let me know that the kitchen was closed and maybe he could be me a cheese board. I double checked my time on my watch because I know restaurants in San Diego close early, but this is getting ridiculous. There were a few other people at the bar and a couple of small tables with diners.

I was a little annoyed that he didn't tell me the kitchen was closed until after I ordered wine. But it amazed me that Laurel is so slow on a sat night that they had to close the kitchen at 9pm ( I found out it is usually open till 10:30 on fri and sat nights). I drew a few conclusions from this:

1. Laurel has to have one foot in the grave. I live pretty close and have noticed they are not really packing them in. In fact, that was one of the reasons I chose Laurel for Sat. night, because it wouldn't be crowded. It would be a shame if they went out of business since they are trying and experimenting with foods that other places in san diego wont touch.

2. The modern decor re-do of Laurel isn't making the impact on diners that they thought it would. Which is too bad that they had to ruin a beautifully classic dinning room (the old Laurel) to find that out.

3. People in San Diego eat dinner so damn early.

4. The Economy is punishing the higher-end restaurants in San Diego.

What time do most people eat in San Diego?

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