Late blight, transmittable by seeds?


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Late blight, transmittable by seeds?

jumpingmonk | Aug 11, 2009 06:12 AM

Hi all,

Like most of the people on in the NE I am having real poblemsa with my tomatoes dying from all and sundry diseases due to the perpetual wetness. As I yank my tomatoes off thier vines I am doing a sort of tomato triage and reltively few are passing the msuter to get to the table. Up till now I have been thorwing the "fails" into the rot bucket, so I can at least salvage the seeds. However last night It occured to me that if the plans had diseases (like late blight) those diseases might be carried on the seeds or even in the seeds to re-infect next year's crops. Anyone know whether they can (i.e. If I need to toss eveything and start again from scratch next year)?

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