Las Vegas Wine Lists?


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Las Vegas Wine Lists?

jonasblank | Sep 28, 2007 11:18 AM

A friend and I will be out in Las Vegas to celebrate a special occasion a day before our other friends arrive. We are hoping to go to a restaurant where we can spend more than we would usually spend on some outstanding wines (thinking in the $200-300 range).

I'm looking for a place where 1) the markup is not outrageous, 2) there is a good variety of selections, especially among whites (I figure we'll splurge on a Bdx or a well-known Napa Cab like Monte Bello, but then try to hunt for some interesting things among the whites and maybe dessert wines) and 3) excellent food.

I live in New York, so I'm also hoping it is not a place with a New York outpost. Also, I realize it's Vegas, and therefore markups are all going to be unfavorable; nonetheless, I at least want somewhere that has good depth/breadth on their list and sells wines at a drinkable age, versus somewhere trying to throw out 2004 Opus One or something of that ilk as their top shelf selection. For instance, though I didn't ask for a reserve list, I thought the regular list at Craftsteak was surprisingly awful in terms of vintages on offer (I may be remembering wrong, I recall an awful lot of recent vintages at about 300% markups to retail).

I would assume the best recommendation would be a steakhouse of some sort, but I'm open to ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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