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MY Las Vegas Restaurant Reviews!!!


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MY Las Vegas Restaurant Reviews!!!

cgervais45 | Sep 6, 2008 12:18 PM

Ok so after going back and fourth on the restaurants here is what I ended up at.

MONDAY (Emeril's and Craftsteak): I arrived at the MGM around 12:30 and was feeling a little hungry so I decided to stop by Emerils to have a drink and a snack before my reservation at Craftsteak. The Bar is very comfortable and the bartender very friendly. I told him I wanted something strong so he made me this green chai tea drink thats not on the menu and it was AMAZING. Defently ask about it if you go. I went with the seafood gumbo, if that doesn't scream a Emeril dish then I don't know what else does, and it was good but nothing to jump out of my seat and yell BAM. It had little seafood, rice, and a spicey brown sauce. I would rate this dish as AVERAGE. Now onto Craftsteak. I arrived early to my 6:30 reservation and so I sat at the bar until my table was ready. Bar is very comfortable and bartender friendly. Once seated I ordered a glass of Dr. Heidemanns Bergweiler Germany 2005 Riesling which if anyone out there loves Riesling then they would respect this glass of wine because it was one of the best I have had. Once ordered, they brought some very moist and buttery rolls which were very good. I started with the Foie Gras. It was a nice chunk of warm Foie Gras with I believe some kind of sweet beet salad next to it. This dish was simply amazing. The flavor combination between the two just went with eachother like pb&j. This was by far the best Foie Gras I have ever had. I would rate this dish EXCELLENT. Afterwards I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir, Acacia, Caneros,California, 2006 which went perfect with my steak. I ordered the Angus Skirt Steak which was nothing amazing. I was excited about this dish because my waitress said it was her favorite. I ordered it medium and it came out the way I ordered it but flavor wise it just didn't hit the spot for me. I would rate the dish GOOD. I told the servers I was out here celebrating my 21rst birthday so before I could even order desert they brought me there Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Fig Compote & Sweet Cream and a glass of desert wine which I don't recall what it was. The cheesecake was creamy and had a strong vanilla bean taste that was very good. The wine they paired with it was simply perfect. I would rate this dish as VERY GOOD. They also brought a sample of four little goodies of some kind of fudge and fruity bars that were just ok for me. There service was amazing throughout the whole meal. I didn't once feel rushed and felt very comfortable dining solo. The room is dark and sophisticated which I tend to like. Overall I give it VERY GOOD because the service was perfect.

TUESDAY: So in Las Vegas there is a must for foodies and that is to order a way overpriced hamburger. So I went to Burger Bar for lunch and of course I went with the Rossini Burger with the Sweet Potato fries and the PB&J desert buger. I ordered it medium and the burger well its simply amazing. Cooked to perfection, good chunk of foie gras and the good amount of black truffles. The rich brown sauce they bring on the side went with it perfect. The flavors paired perfect with each other. Overall I would rate the burger as EXCELLENT. The sweet potato fries were good as well. The PB&J desert was good but I wouldn't order it again. It has a peanut butter custard and a thin layer of strawberry preserves with slices of kiwi on top all in the middle of a glazed doughnut. Very rich and defently couldn't finish it all. Overall I give this place a VERY GOOD. I personally wouldn't order the Rossini again because I think black truffles are overated but would return to try another burger. So for dinner I went to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. I ordered the discovery menu without a glance at the menu and so it started. First dish: LE CITRON
Lemon gelee topped with fennel cream. This dish was good but didn't blow me away. I would rate it as GOOD. LE THON ROUGE Big eye tuna with tomato infused olive oil. This dish was simply amazing. I give it a EXCELLENT. Next up was LE HOMARD Maine lobster in a gelee of vegetables topped with chilled leek soup. Now I thought this dish was VERY GOOD but I personally would have liked it if it was a warm dish rather than cold. Next was LA SAINT-JACQUES Scallop cooked with seaweed butter, curried cauliflower. This was the best scallop I have ever had. The only problem was the cauliflower wasn't cooked all the way so I would rate it as VERY GOOD. Next up was L’ASPERGE VERTE Capuccino of green asparagus with parmesan. I hated this dish. Nothing good about it. Flavor it was just blah to me. I rate it as AVERAGE. Next up was a John Dory dish that I don't recall the name but it was VERY GOOD. It was a little to salty for me but still a good dish. Next was LA CAILLE Free-range quail stuffed with foie gras and served with truffled-mashed potatoes. The potatoes were mashed style and were the best I have ever had. The quil was very rich and cooked perfectly. Overall EXCELLENT. Next was LA FRAISE Strawberries with basil infusion and olive ice cream. Now I'm not a big strawberry person but this dish was awsome. Its hard to explain the flavor combination but it was perfect. Overall EXCELLENT. Next was the last dish LA PISTACHE Pistachio parfait with marinated rhubarb and Muscat sorbet. Didn't like this dish eithier. Nothing special or wow about it. Overall I give it AVERAGE. So the service was excellent throughout the meal. Overall I give the dinner a VERY GOOD. Nothing wowed me like I was hoping. I think next time I will order off the regular menu because they have some dishes that look amazing. The feel of the restaurant is nice and inviting. Perfect for a solo diner like myself.

WEDNESDAY- Ok so there are two different types of celebrity chefs. First there are chefs like Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy who are famous for cooking amazing dishes in a amazing environment. Then there are chefs like Bobby Flay and Emeril who are famous because they are all over television. So when I arrived at Mesa Grill for lunch I didn't have high expectations. I work at a restaurant here in Atlanta whos Chef, Kevin Rathbun, beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef. But this meal was the BEST meal I have EVER had in my life. The meal started with a basket of cornbread muffins and some other types of bread. The cornbread muffin was pretty darn good. I ordered the signature margarita and I have drinkin ALOT of margarita's in my life but nothing compares to theres. Its a must when eating there. I started with the Tiger Shrimp and roated garlic corn Tamale in a corn-cilantro sauce. OMG this was amazing. So good in fact I came back the next day to eat it again. Beautifully presented and the flavors just explode. It comes with a good amount of shrimp that are cooked to perfection. I give the dish EXCELLENT. For my entree I ordered the Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash with poached eggs and green chili hollandaise sauce. Again OMG this was amazing. This is the type of dish that will make Mesa Grill a must whenever I go to Las Vegas. I give the dish EXCELLENT. Overall the meal was of course EXCELLENT and the best throughout my trip. Service was top notch and is great for solo diners. For a pre-dinner snack I stopped by Guy Savoys Bubble Bar. The bar area is very nice and warm with a small fire place on the wall. I ordered three small plates. First was there mini burgers which were two small kobe beef burgers will a small piece of foie grass on top with a side of skinny potato fries. They are SMALL but the flavor was amazing. Just as good as the Rossini burger. I give the dish EXCELLENT. Next I went with the Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup which was very creamy with a small piece of black truffle on top. The soup was VERY HOT which was the only downside of the dish because I burnt myself on it. Overall VERY GOOD. Next I told them to let the chef decide and he brought me the tuna capparcio which was simply amazing. They sprinkle a little something here and there before they let you eat it. EXCELLENT dish. Bread was brought to the table with butter and non salted butter which is a nice touch. I was served two amuse's with my three small plates which I thought was a nice touch. Don't remember exactly what they were but one was some kind of mini sandwhich which was good. Service was excellent but Frank Savoy was in the bar area the entire time talking to some wine guy and didn't once come and say hello to me or anyone else in the bar which I thought was a little rude. But overall a good place for pre-dinner snacks. The wine list is WAY WAY overpriced. One glass was like $85.00. But overall EXCELLENT! I wasn't to hungry for dinner so I skipped my reservation at Fleur de lys and somehow ended up at Nine Irish Men. I'm glad I did. This place is just a very relaxing place to have drinks and dinner. They had a Irish band playing and great beer on tap. I ordered the shepards pie which wasn't nothing special but this was just a enjoyable place to be. Shepards pie is basically ground hamburger in gravy type sauce with mashed potatoes on top. It was good but was hoping it would be better coming from a Irish restaurant like this. But overall LOVE this place. EXCELLENT! Would return is a heatbeat.

THURSDAY- So for breakfast and diner I went to Bouchon. What people need to realize is Thomas Keller didn't open this place for it to compared to the greatness of the French Laundry or Per Se. No, he opened it so people can experience a great French BISTRO without leaving the country. He nailed in on the head perfectly. I sat outside for breakfast and it was very peaceful and a place I could sit at all day. I started with a cup of coffee which was the best cup I have ever had. I went with the french toast, which was simply delicous, and a side of there potatoes which were the best potatoes I have ever had. Service was top notch the entire time. For dinner I had the Rillettes aux Deux Saumons. Basically smoked salmon in a jar served with toasted croutons. For a solo diner this dish is huge and very feeling. My server was shocked I ate the whole thing but it was simply delicous and with a nice buttery fresh smoked salmon that tasted amazing. Overall EXCELLENT. I ordered the special lobster salad of the evening which was heaven. It was spinach salad with huge chucks of lobster in nice sweet buttery sauce all in a warm tart. Flavors bursted everywhere. EXCELLENT dish. Overall the dinner was EXCELLENT in everyway. Service excellent, wine list excellent and affordable, and food just simply amazing.

So out of my trip the two places I expected the least out of, Mesa Grill and Bouchon Bistro, were the two best meals of my life. Will defently make it back to these on my next trip which will hopefully be soon. Thanks for everyones help and look forward to yall helping with my next trip!!!!

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