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Las Vegas Report (Part II - Long)


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Las Vegas Report (Part II - Long)

Alex318 | Aug 7, 2006 03:57 AM

I started part one earlier in the week and here is the conclusion of our 7 day trip to Vegas.

Tuesday Night:

CraftSteak at the MGM Grand. We chose this despite doing prime a couple of nights earlier because we enjoy the NYC location and we had a show across the street at the NYNY. I started off with the Kobe beef tartare and my wife had the avocado salad. Both portions were more of entree size than appetizers which can be good and bad. The avocado was very rich and creamy and nice cucumber and red onion side. The avocado was just dressed with olive oil and salt and pepper and needed nothing else. The tartare was huge, it looked like a homemade hamburger patty and topped with a raw egg yoke and some toast points. The flavors just burst in my mouth. The toast points almost took away from the kobe beef flavor. For our main course my wife had the appetizer lobster tail and I had the Ribeye. Our sides were asparagus, potato puree, and roasted corn. The Lobster was pretty good grilled in a butter sauce. Since it was an appetizer it came with one claw and was about 4 ounces for a tail. The ribeye was really good. It was close to rivaling the Ribeye I had eaten at Prime a couple of night earlier. The one flaw was that it was slightly overcooked for what I asked for - closer to medium than mid rare. Im curious to see if it could have been better than Prime if less cooked. We skipped dessert because we were both obscenely full. Total + tip 200 even.

Wednesday Night
Osteria del Circo at the Bellagio. This is our third time to Circo and we continue to love every minute of it. I had the seared scallops for an appetizer while my wife abstained. The scallops were extremely well cooked. very sweet and tender, it came with a chick pea puree that didn’t add much to the dish, but didn’t take anything away either. The scallops could’ve been served with nothing and they would’ve fine. For entrees, I had the Lamb chops and my wife ordered the spaghetti Bolognese that was on special that night. The spaghetti was great, very thick homemade pieces, looking almost like udon noodles. The Bolognese was one of the best my wife ever had. A very light flavor for a meat sauce. I have ordered the lamb chops all three times I’ve been there and it has been worth it every time. It is crusted in Pecorino and thyme. I always come away thinking this is one of the best all around dining experiences and this time was no different. The service, food, and "dancing water fountains" make it a great evening. Total + Tip 160

Thursday Night
Okada at the Wynn. I am not sure where to begin with this meal as I am still speechless as to how good it was. My wife ordered the cucumber and seaweed salad and I had the a tartare tasting of Tuna, Salmon, and Yellow Tail served in mini taco shells. The salad was excellent and seaweed had a ton of flavor with sweet vinegar and sesame dressing. Each of the tartares had its own unique flavor and all were equally good. Each of these were bite size. Next came the Okada Roll and the Black Cod with Miso glaze. The Okada roll was asparagus and avocado with cooked lobster on top and covered in an eel sauce and wasabi cream. This was pure joy. The lobster was very sweet and the roll was just big enough where you could put the whole thing in your mouth but not too big that you couldn’t enjoy all the tastes. My wife and I fought for these pieces. The black cod came out at the same time and was ignored at first, but that was a mistake. We have been to Koi, Nobu and Morimotos and thought nothing could top the cod at Morimotos but we were wrong. The fish crumbled on the plate and had not even hint of fishiness. It was not drowned in the Miso sauce like sometimes Nobu does. My wife and I began fighting over this dish as well. For sushi we ordered the spicy tuna roll, otoro, salmon, yellowtail, and red snapper. It is hard to believe because I've been to many sushi places including Yasuda in NYC, (MASA is still on my list but havent been yet) that the best sushi I have ever had is in the desert. The texture and flavor of all the pieces were like butter, extremely fresh. The flavors stood on there own so much, that I realized I rarely dipped in the soy sauce next to me. Dessert was some cooked strawberries with puff pastry filled white chocolate. The sake we ordered was called "First Born Grandson." It was dry at the beginning and then had a fruity after taste. Nothing bad to say at all, even after the bill came I thought it was worth every penny. Total + Tip 300.

So there it is, 6 nights of wonderful eating. I give high recommendation to all the restaurants mentioned and a must try to Okada. Okada now ranks as one of the 5 best restaurants I have ever been to. My only regret is that I didn’t get to Alex, but that gives me something to look forward to when planning my next trip.


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