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Las Vegas buffets & Lotus of Siam - REPORT


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Las Vegas buffets & Lotus of Siam - REPORT

Han Lukito | Nov 29, 2002 10:57 AM

Tried several places and here are the details:

NEW ORLEANS: tried both the breakfast and lunch buffet. Priced around $10-12 I think. Prime rib is not that good. Omelette is decent. Cocktail shrimps ok. Desserts are not impressive either. Chinese food is not good. Smoked salmon ok. Crabs are bland as usual. Just regular casino buffet IMO.

ALLADIN: Tried dinner buffet. Decent Middle east lamb kebabs but the chicken kebab is not so good. Sirloin steak is decent. Prime rib is dry. Chinese and Italian dishes are bad. Oysters on the shell is bland. Crab cakes is bad. Decent desserts: creme bule. Paid around $18 and not worth it.

BELLAGIO: this is quite decent. Tried the lunch buffet. Sirloin steak is excellent. Prime rib is just decent. Pork ribs are good. Good smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon. Bad crab cakes. Good chicken salad. Desserts are very good: flan, tiramisu in chocolate cup, etc. Paid $16. It's worth it.

WILD WILD WEST: cheapest I could find. $2.99 for a good burger with fries, mayo and pickle. Much better than McDonald or possibly In Out. Spaghetti is just ok.

SAN REMO: cheapest prime rib for $4.99. Pretty good, moist and flavorful. Good service here.

LOTUS OF SIAM: frankly I was not too happy with my dinner. Paid $120 including tips for 6 persons. The curry shrimps were $30 and taste just OK and not worth my money. The much acclaimed catfish was not fresh tasting IMO and pale in comparison to some other places I tried (not in Vegas). I was charged $20 for it, blah ! The "beef jerky" was again not that impressive. It's different but I think not spiced enough IMO. I had similar version but taste much better elsewhere (Not Thai version). The sour rice and sausage was allright - not my favorite flavor. The chicken with basil is just OK. Shrimp inside some sort of eggroll was not flavorful. The pork stew is OK but not outstanding. Has the quality gone down ?? Or is this the best Vegas has to offer. Honestly TAM Restaurant close to my hometown has better Thai food. It's in Milpitas near San Francisco. Everytime I go there, all the dishes shined. We ate them clean (my whole family love it). My wife was not impressed either with LOS. I was not happy with LOS at all. Plus, it was out of the way and took 20 minutes from our hotel. What a waste of time ! This place is probably good to the inexperienced because it has some unique dishes. We also asked the waiters for the best dishes and followed recommendations from this board.

PEGGY SUE: you will run into this place if you are going back to California as it is heavily advertised on the freeway. But the food is AWFUL. The chicken fried steak was highly recommended by waitress and it's not that good - just barely edible. The liver and onions are inedible. After one bite, I abandoned it and the waitress was nice enough to take it off the bill. The NY steak was thin and barely edible. Only the malt taste decent. I have to say that the 50's image is clearly demonstrated well with lots of 50's style decor and costumes. If you must stop, maybe just order the tried and true like the sandwiches or something that the cook can't go wrong.

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