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Lard - to use or not to use? [moved from Home Cooking]


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Lard - to use or not to use? [moved from Home Cooking]

beckiefd | Sep 17, 2006 03:22 PM

Let's face it, McD's french fries were better tasting before they stopped using beef tallow to cook them in. I understand some religious groups got very excited about the subterfuge.

So, last week at the Food Max (Whole Foods can kiss mine, $5.99 lb for organic melon), I bought a 4 pound bucket of lard. I've pan-fried several potato dishes and sauteed onions for a soup. For the latter I often use butter, but the lard use has me intrigued. Also there is sooo much of it.

My former Mom-in-law tells me should I want a dish to taste like my mom and/or grandma made it was to use lard or bacon grease (basically salty lard). I'm not sure that my taste memory is that great, but so far the lard seems to be excellent at getting things really crisp, but I don't 'taste' a difference otherwise.

Your experiences??

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