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Landis Store: Great Food! Wonderful Atmosphere! Don't Avoid!!


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Landis Store: Great Food! Wonderful Atmosphere! Don't Avoid!!

kcest40 | Jan 21, 2013 03:23 PM

I was searching for a new place to eat on the "places" app of my new smartphone, and a horrible review came up for Landis Store- I was APPALLED! I LOVE Landis Store! I just noticed that the review was from 2001, but it still might hurt business for this wonderful little jewel of a restaurant. So I made it my duty to give my honest review.

I have to tell you that over 10 years later, you will not be disappointed, unless you are extremely pretentious and overly critical. It is not a swanky, Philadelphia eating establishment, let me make that clear. It has a comfortable, warm atmosphere, and most of the people that eat there seem to be local, old-money patrons (my fiance runs into quite a few of his customers here-most have lots of iron, so that says something). The owner is an older gentleman who is very gracious and sweet and chit chats with his regulars quietly. The times we have been there, the bar has been a nice, laid back experience, with none of the nonsense present at other restaurant bars.

On Friday I got a hankering for some delicious food in a clean restaurant and I knew that of all the restaurants in the Boyertown/Oley area, Landis Store would fit the bill (besides the Bridge Inn-although the food is a little fresher and better prepared at LS). Unfortunately, when we pulled in, they were closed for vacation. I was so disappointed because all day I had hyped myself up for a relaxing, savory, and budget-friendly meal. By budget friendly, I mean you will spend, with alcohol, about $60 to $100 with tip for two, but for us, this is reasonable for the quality of the food and the experience. I would rather spend this here, than anywhere else within the surrounding area (maybe Simmeria or Yellow House). You will spend the same amount of money for second-rate food elsewhere (just my opinion, however,besides the aforementioned).

As for specifics on the food: I usually order from the small plate section of the menu. I have had the Beef Scallopini with potato puree and house steak sauce for 12.95. Absolutely delicious!! Whenever I order it, the meat is sooo tender, the sauce is really savory and to die for, and the potatoes are so creamy! I also like the braised roast they offer on the same menu with a rosemary, turnip puree--awesome! Again, the meat was so tender and moist, the au jus it comes in is out of this world (to me), and the puree, with the rosemary, was so delicious! I always buy and extra side, just because I do, but I don't care about the added $4 expense, it's really no biggie to me to pay a little extra-It's worth it to me. The meal always comes with a hot, fresh roll or bread, which is so tasty (and they offer you more, if you want it).

My fiance usually get the filet, which is always so tender that you can cut it with a butter knife! That is his test of a restaurant, and every time they pass!

Deserts are so divine and creative! The drinks are always perfect and they have a nice selection of wines, but a limited selection of beers-but it will get you by.

Overall, I love Landis Store. The food is fresh, savory, and it has a really nice ambiance. It not cheap, but it's NOT overpriced. In fact, if they were open Monday nights, we would be there enjoying a nice, relaxing dinner tonight, because I don't feel like cooking.

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