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Lamb Ribs

Wahooty | Apr 21, 2011 06:09 PM

In my world, celebrating spring = eating adorable animals with a side of asparagus. That being said...

I have some truly cute lamb ribs for a small-scale Easter dinner, and am hoping to do them in a fashion similar to a favorite family dish called "Vineyard Leg of Lamb." (Any fans of the Time Life Foods of the World series out there? I have a verbal agreement with my parents that I get these in the will.) Basically, we're talking a simple rub - I think it's just cumin, salt, and pepper with some brandy basting during marination - then roasting, then flaming with brandy. This is my FAVORITE way to eat leg of lamb, and I am hoping to translate it to ribs. So my question is this: can I do this without drying them out/making them tough/ruining them? It's not a full intact rack - they have already been portioned into individual ribs. Should I just rub, marinate, and grill? Some sort of slow-cooking? Roasting? I have had some spectacular lamb ribs at restaurants, and I want these to be better.

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