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Lamb riblets


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Lamb riblets

Tom Meg | Jan 3, 2004 06:31 PM

I picked up some lamb riblets from the Union Sq. Greenmarket today. They kind of look like spare ribs.

A google search turns up a few recipes involving high heat (grilling, broiling, etc.), and according to Dennison this cut also braises nicely.

I'm definitely more of a braiser, especially this time of year. Most of the ideas I'm toying with for tomorrow's dinner involve treating them like lamb shanks.

I have tons of lamb shank recipes and ideas, but since I've never dealt with riblets before, is there anything I should know or keep in mind before proceeding? Anything I can do to bring out their specific essential qualities (ie. a way to prepare them that doesn't make me think "this is great, but lamb shanks or some other cut would have been just as good")?


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