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Lamb Experts: in the quest for "melt off the bone" meat -- shanks vs shoulder? Oven vs slow cooker?

fmogul | Feb 22, 201801:55 PM

Anyone ever make the Zahav lamb shoulder? I love lamb but almost never cook it. My wife's birthday is coming up. She loves lamb shanks, so I was thinking of adapting the recipe (well, dumbing it down significantly), and splurging on the really expensive Grow and Behold meat while I'm at it. Question #1: think it's worth switching to shanks, or just stick with the shoulder? The main thing is to get rich ‘melt off the bone’ lamb; I don’t feel strongly about one big piece vs four smaller ones, other than it’d nice to get the highest yield possible for the very high price I’ll be paying; Question #2: any opinion on slow braising in the oven versus in a crockpot? The latter would be like 100% easier (since this will be during a work day, when I'm not at home), so even if crockpot wouldn't be quite as good but would still be excellent, I'd be inclined to use that. The Zahav recipe is for the oven (and starts with a smoked shoulder), so I wouldn’t expect the final texture to be the same as theirs; I’d mostly be using it for the spices and flavors. But I could also ditch the whole thing, if you have a really good slow cooker recipe you swear by for Mediterranean/Middle Eastern lamb. Thanks for your thoughts!

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