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Lake Elsinore

kc girl | Feb 19, 2007 05:13 PM

The great weather this weekend was just one of the good things. We finally found a restaurant that makes the mark in Lake Elsinore. Arrivederci Roma. (However, don't start comparing to the finest LA restaurants.)

After being tired of following recommendations of "great places" in Lake Elsinore only to find it a 3 on my scale of 10, I was beginning to wonder if this city would ever host a place worth patronizing. But, we tried it again and went for dinner at Arrivederci Roma.

I was in the area of the place at lunch when I saw a few people walking to their car with their "doggie" boxes. I asked what they thought of the place and they said it was very good. So, we tried.

It was very good. The best, we decided, was the homemade bread brought warm to the table and refilled if requested. They provide butter and offer to serve oil and balsamic for dipping. We both chose the option with our entree for salad instead of soup. It was lovely mixed greens (but no iceberg or romaine) with a house oil and vinegar. The vinegar tasted like a fine balsamic with a hint of sweetness and not much bitter or too sour. The portion was quite large for a starter salad.

The ambiance is professional and cozy. The service was excellent.

I ordered a chicken picata. The sauce was thicker than I am used to, but the lemon flavor came through quite fresh, but not overpowering. I kind of wish they had broccoli or some vegetable on the plate, but the side served ith it was pasta.

I didn't have a taste of any other dishes so can not comment. But, everyone seemed pleased. The people at the other table also had a guest drop in who said the newest italian place in place Elsinore, Ravioli's (on Main Street), has a zillion people waiting to get in. I think it's been open about a month. But, they'd eaten there and enjoyed Arrivederci Roma
just as much. Plus, it's more comfortable and cozy at Arrivederci Roma. (But, I still want to try Ravioli's, too)

It's been open since 2005, but because of the location, I was thinking it might just be another over-rated place. But, I was happy to find that not true.

Here's to hoping others will follow suit and there will be more great restaurants in Lake Elsinore. Temecula offers a few (at wineries and Pechanga), but that's too far to drive (15 miles) after a great day on the lake.

Arrivederci Roma
31731 Riverside Drive
Lake Elsinore

Has anyone else tried this place?

Knowing the finer dining in LA and using my scale including those, I still give this place a 7 on a scale of 10.

Other good places we've found in the area (but not a comfortable dinner house)

(1) that hot dog stand (hole in the wall with about 4 parking spaces) on the northwest corner of Diamond Drive/Railroad Canyon and Mission Trail/Lakeshore Drive. It's near "The Storm" baseball stadium. Can;t rememnber the name.

(2) Tacos Elsinore on Grand Ave (corner of Corydon)

(3) Valley Pizza on Grand (next door to Tacos Elsinore)

(4) the burger place on Main Street (hole in the wall) about three blocks from the I-15. Can't remember the name. Charbroiled burgers that taste like backyard bbq. Simple stuff. Just tasty.

(5) Elvira's Restaurant (Mexican), 32391 Riverside Drive, Lake Elsinore

Does anyone else have their list for Lake Elsinore?

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