Not About Food 49

"Ladies Menu": no prices on it -- where do you see it?

orangewasabi | Feb 7, 200701:00 PM

In Paris, at Le Cinq, I had a first-in-a-lifetime experience. eta: this was a few weeks ago i.e. January 2007

While discussing the menu and our choices with my husband, I noticed that he was being weird as I was babbling on about the truffle appetizer. I finally figured out why my menu looked funny -- there were no prices on it. So, I leaned over to whisper to my husband "do you have prices on your menu?" He looked at me like I had two heads "err, yeah, why?" I showed him mine & we both, after a moment of stunned silence, burst out laughing. Anyhow, of course I would get no prices on the one menu that had a E120 appetizer?!

who knew this still happened? are you all seeing this anywhere around you?

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