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lactose intolerance (a little long)


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lactose intolerance (a little long)

renee | May 18, 2002 07:26 AM

Before i say anything, i am not trying to convince anyone to change their habits, i myself eat cheese and yogurt and sour cream and use cream in recipes. I just want to be informative. I am not judging anybody.

There is a lot of discussion in the food allergy thread about lactose intolerance. I'd like to say two things. First, as humans, we are the only species known that doesn't wean, on top of that, we happen to be the only species that makes a habit of drinking milk designed to grow another animal from baby to adult. Because of this and the reading i've done and my own dabbling with food, i suspect that lactose intolerance is more the norm than an acception, though of course to varying degrees and more visible in some populations that in others. Copious milk products make me feel ill, i just never pinned it on the dairy till i started reading up on it. (it must have been something i ate...)
Next, while there is plenty of calcium in milk it is not very readily absorbed by the human body (vitamin D and Magnesium i believe are the things that are aids, along with other things...i know the dairy adds synthetic D. I'm also vaguely aware that some things in milk block the absorbtion of calcium). in fact, the studies that show that milk "does a body good" (notice that they've had to change that slogan???) are likely to be paid for by.....THE milk people! the studies that show its not such a good idea to eat lots of dairy are independant, but the milk people try desperately to refute them, because the truth makes it harder to sell taht product. (Think about cigarrettes, the people who use them know they're not the best choice, but hey, at least they know!)

Dark leafy greens like Kale or Collard greens or broccoli are better bets for calcium. they may not carry as much, but you're likely to absorb more.

best wishes,

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