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Lacroix Brunch

Jo | Apr 6, 2003 06:07 PM

After all the good press about the brunch at Lacroix six of us made it there for brunch today. I have a number of specific comments about the brunch but here is the bottom - average +, service - terrible, very expensive.

For a number of reasons we won't be returning to Lacroix for brunch any time soon.

Here are the specifics.
Lovely dining room. The tables are far enough apart for a private feel and the dining room is relatively quiet.

The menu consists of 6 entrees as well as a 7th option of a hot buffet from the chef's table in the kitchen. With the choice of an entree you get the appetizer buffet and a dessert buffet plus a soup course (very small). The entrees run $37-40.

Three of our party arrived and ordered beverages (coffee and tea). We chose not to partake of the champagne cocktails at $12 apiece. Our beverages were served as the rest of our party arrived. They also ordered beverages. For some reason our waitress couldn't manage to get the milk and additional beverages to our table for at least 20 minutes in spite of repeated requests.

The breads were wonderful.

We ordered (still waiting for our coffee) and went to the appetizer buffet. It was ok, nothing special unless you like caviar. The steamed dumplings were tough. The shrimp were soggy. Everything else was just ok. I don't eat caviar so I can't comment on that.

Our entrees were pretty good. I had the crab cakes which had mostly crab and very little filler. They could have had a bit more flavor. My husband's filet steak was not the best quality. The eggs benedict were very good and our friends liked the chef's buffet.

The desserts were excellent. At that point we were pretty full so it was hard to judge but the pastries were very tasty and I liked the chocolate bread pudding.

One of our party had a dietary restriction. They sent someone from the kitchen to discuss their options. Unfortunately that person didn't know anything about the ingredients in the dishes.

The low point came when we requested the check. It took a while to get the check and interestingly enough the coffee and tea were not included in the cost of the meal. At $3.50 a pop they might have listed these items on the menu. I guess they were embarrassed to charge this on top of the menu price and hoped we wouldn't notice. They should at the very least notify us of the charge when we order.

We decided not to make an issue of this and gave the server two credit cards. We requested that they put 1/3 on one and 2/3 on another. She managed the 1/3 but then put 3/4 on the other. When alerted to the error she returned with a "corrected" version that still had $10 too much. We finally had to go to the manager to get a corrected bill. The whole bill process took 30-40 minutes.

Many of these deficiencies wouldn't be an issue had this not been a supposedly first rate restaurant. The brunch just does not compare to that at the Four Seasons or Founders at the Bellevue.

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