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LA Pumpkin Pie Pursuit Report -- 2012


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LA Pumpkin Pie Pursuit Report -- 2012

NerdyEater | Nov 17, 2012 08:46 PM

I've been reading all the reviews on various pumpkin pies on this site. This year, we are having Thanksgiving, and I have determined to have the best pumpkin pie served to our family. I had my share of pumpkin pies, and in the past we always had either Marie Calendars or Pollys. They are not bad, but they didn't knock my socks off either. So after reading all the posts about the great pumpkin pies around town, I tried a few of them myself, and here is my report.

Grocery Store pie -- standard filling made from generic can stuff, generic "pumpkin pie" flavor (kind of bland). Crust is dry and no flavor, the edge is especially dry, hard, super bland.

Costco -- The filing is moist, but little sweeter. Still had that "generic out of the can" flavor and texture. Crust is a standard pie crust, soggy in the middle (due to the size of the pie) and way too thick and dry at the edge. I can't make myself eat the edge crust, it is waaay too thick and dry.

Euro Pane pumpkin bar -- Pretty dissappointing. Maybe ok as a bar, but definitely not a good replacement for a pumpkin pie. The filling to crust ratio is wrong. The filling is sweeter than other pies, and while the crust is absolutely yummy as a bar (shortbread crust) it overpowered the whole bar. I also didn't like the texture of the filling, which was similar to a lemon bar.

Pie and Burger -- Pretty good. It is a notch above grocery store and costco as well as Pollys / MC. The filling is creamy, good distinct spice flavoring, slightly burnt filling at the edge which gave that beautiful brown color, great buttery pie crust, not too thick, not too thin, not soggy at the middle, almost a perfect simple pumpkin pie.

Suzie Cakes -- Very light. Both filling and crust were very light. Crust had a subtle gingery aftertaste, the filling is creamy yet not too sweet, perfect filling to crust ratio, and I usually don't eat the crust edge but this one pie I ate every single bite. It was so light and refreshing.

Urth Cafe -- OMG. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime. This pie is not in the same category as any other pie. First of all, it is intimidating, this is a deep dish pumpkin pie. Grahm cracker crust. The filling is creamy, dense, very flavorful spice that lingers. Perfect harmony with the crust and whipped cream. I am in full agreement that this might be the best pumpkin pie in LA.

So..... I ended up getting the Suzie Cakes pumpkin pie. After thoughtful consideration, Urth Cafe pumpkin pie might be a little too heavy after a full Turkey Mashed Potato Stuffing dinner, my family might appreciate the lightness of Suzie Cake pie better.

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