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He La Moon, near Chinatown, Boston


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He La Moon, near Chinatown, Boston

Limster | Dec 28, 2005 03:21 AM

A decent dim sum house, and on average slightly better than Chau Chow City or China Pearl. Not on par with the late Pacific Garden.

Dumplings have a fairly well made skin, and while not of the highest delicacy, but firm, modest, and not mushy. This is evident from the range of dumplings we had: steamed har gau (shrimp dumplings) to pan fried chive dumpling. The biggest weakness perhaps lay in the Teochew style crystal dumplings (this version filed with taro), but it might be too much expecting what I used to enjoy back home. The fillings in general are savoury, and not as reliant on MSG.

Siu mai are a good bet too.

The cheong fun/rice sheets stuffed with shrimp aren't as good as the ones from the previous incarnation of Anna's Dessert House, but are generally competent.

Egg tarts are excellent; bright yolky custard, light flaky pastry.

Spring rolls have a good delicate crisp to them.

Satisfactory char siew pau/roast pork buns, fluffy skins, decent filling.

The lotus and sweet black bean fillings in the sesame balls were nice, but not as refined as some of the best I've had.

Didn't see many specialty items, but I enjoyed the good coverage of all the basics.

I think I'd give Dim Sum Chef in Allston a slight edge, but this was a satisyfing experience.

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