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LA Hound Coming on Short Notice -- Help!

a213b | Sep 30, 201108:55 PM

Hi there,

So my wife and I will be coming in next weekend (Fr - Mo) and are looking for some of the more interesting and better food options Seattle has to offer. I know, I know ... this is where you chime in and ask if I've searched at all, and the answer is "yes!"

Here's what I've gleaned thus far, and in no real particular order:

Cascina Spinasse
Cafe Juanita
Book Bindery
The Corson Building
Sitka and Spruce
Walrus & Carpenter
Cafe Besalu
Top Pot
Serious Pie
Fuji Bakery
Staple & Fancy

CLEARLY that's far too broad for what will end up being 3 (possibly 4) dinners, 3 breakfasts, and 4 lunches ... and that is if we eat every meal!

So I am looking for some help/guidance in winnowing down the list, as well as potential suggestions on things I should possibly add. And to help you, here is a bit about us.

We live in LA, and thus are privy to all sorts of interesting and outstanding regional/ethnic dishes. We are from Louisiana, and visit annually. We've lived in NYC, and try to make it back once or twice a year for a couple months total (though we have not been back in over a year). Lastly, we've been in Vancouver for the past couple months.

I just want some really good food; we've had fun here in Vancouver, and have had some solid/good meals, but have yet really to be blown away. So please, just great food. We don't have a budget (though I don't feel I could handle numerous "stuffy" meals), we will have a car as we are driving down, and as it is our first time in your city I am sure we'll be getting around to a lot of the usual touristy things. Also, we are staying downtown, near the Seattle Art Museum.

"Any specifics", you ask? Why yes!

Coffee: We have found a couple places here in Vancouver that we love, but I mean, come on, it's freaking Seattle, right? Ground Zero for coffee in the US. I'm sure these recommendations are intensely personal, so I'm curious to see what shakes out of the CH tree.

Bakeries/Sweets: I have a sweet tooth; in fact, an entire mouth full. I already have Besalu down as a MUST, and Top Pot for doughnuts, but where else?

Mushrooms: My wife loves them, though I can take them or leave them. That being said, from what I've read I gather you are coming into wild mushroom season, so I would quite like for her to have the option of a mind-blowing dish. So if you've any thoughts, I am all ears.

A bit more about us. We've been around a time or two, eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world, street stands around the world blah blah blah blah blah.

Who gives a crap!

Not you. Not me.

I am not crazy hung up in whether something is authentic, and while I love refinement, technique, and poetry on a plate, sometimes I just want to bite into a great, juicy burger, you know? I don't like it when the staff have their noses up to the ceiling (or up other places), but I love when people are cool and passionate about what they are doing.

I guess the point is, like everyone else on CH, we just want good food. Thanks so much for your help.

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