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La Hacienda

Brian Lindauer | Nov 24, 2007 01:28 PM

My wife and I went to La Hacienda meat market for tacos at lunch today, and enjoyed yet another great recommendation from this board. The place is a supermarket, but has a large eat-in area in the front with four booths and about 8 counter stools. I'm glad someone previously described the ordering method or I would have been completely lost. You go to the cashier first and tell them what you want to order and pay. They then print a ticket, which you hand to the women behind the counter and they'll make your tacos. Even with the printed ticket, there seemed to be some confusion about what kind of tacos I'd ordered, but it worked out in the end. The counter ladies seemed to speak no English, but the cashier was fluent. We were there mainly for the carnitas, but couldn't resist the barbacoa. Compared to my favorite carnitas tacos at Angie's, this carnitas was much moister. The fat/lean ratio was probably close to 50/50. I felt like it was softer, with almost no crispy bits, but with fantastic pork fat flavor. I still prefer the drier, crispier, version at Angies, though I don't know if I can separate my love for their corn tortillas from the taco as a whole. Note that MPH previously described LH's carnitas as dry and crispy, so maybe the product varies. I thought the barbacoa was the better meat today. It was very very juicy and tender and had some interesting spices that we couldn't put our finger on.

The tortillas were no Angie's tortillas, but they were good quality packaged tortillas.

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