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La Creperie Review

matzohrella | May 17, 2005 09:50 AM

Finally visited this new establishment last night.
As I took my life into my own hands walking towards 98th Street, I was at least greatful that this time my destination was something other than the dreadful Talia's.
Everyone who walks by La Creperie stops to peak in and see what this dark, mysterious new place is. To be sure, the ambience is nice -- quiet, clean, and modern.
Not surprisingly, though, the food needs some work. I have to admit that I didn't try the restaurant's signature crepes (they have all kinds -- salmon, egg, vegetable, dessert). I did have the spicy tuna steak, which was way too spicy but not altogether terrible. My dinner companion complained that the ceasar salad was bland and certainly not worthy of being a featured entree.
That being said, the crepes looked good; a nerdy yeshiva boy seemed to enjoy sharing a cream-covered one with his adoring date in the table next to me. They liked it so much that they took the owner up on his offer to go observe the crepes being made at the crepe station. (I plan to sample a crepe when I return later this week.)
All in all, if the entrees that we had are the only indicators, this place will soon be known far and wide as Le Craperie. There is no reason to pay $24 for a too-spicy tuna dish. However, I will postpone renaming this establishment until my next visit and until it has a little more time to improve.

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